Hey dudes!  I’ve had commissions open on and off so this maybe isn’t a huge deal-but I’ve been trying to set up commission options that I’m comfortable with and it’s been a long, frustrating process that feels like it’s finally settling.

And I’m in severe need of living money!  Clothes, and groceries, car related things, whatever else is important.  Any amount of support I can get is really helpful!  So to get right down to business

I draw fanart+OC’s+mostly anything except explicit material and extreme mech.  If you’re uncertain about whether or not I’ll draw something, just ask :)

If you want multiple characters, they will be priced by negotiation.

color backgrounds are an option if you’d like, or a simple pattern

You can root through my art tag if you’d like to see more of my work

Payment method is paypal only, USD  

You can contact me about commissions at zadra93@yahoo.com.  Just send an email with what you’re looking for and which style you’d like (or any questions you have).  We’ll figure out the pricing and I’ll begin work on the commission when I receive payment.  

Please don’t send me commission related asks!  Chance are I won’t get it or you won’t get my reply.

Thanks for reading through, and any customers or signal boosts are greatly appreciated! (▰˘◡˘▰)

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